A metal sole on a wooden plane?

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I saw this picture on an Aussie forum I regularly visit, and this plane was up for sale. What struck me about it was the metal sole. I understand the reasoning behind it, but it’s a dumb move and a poor job of attaching the metal to wood.

The attraction of a wooden bodied plane is that it leaves the surface polished because of the wood on wood burnish effect. By adding a metal sole to it, the owner has essentially stripped the plane of this quality and made it unattractive, especially with those countless screws you see in the picture. The surface it will leave behind may still be smooth and somewhat polished, but it won’t be the same if it was entirely wooden.

There is a small learning curve in using a wooden plane in terms of adjustment. There is no depth adjusting knob, no lateral adjusting lever…

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DUMMIES & DEMONS: Covidiocy is Getting Out of Control | Masks are Satanic & So Are #Covidiots| I Really Pissed-off Twitter Halfway Through This Post

This is a wake up call for everyone, one thing you need to know is what’s NWO. This is a wake up to the the new world order.


It needs everyone to wake up to the truth.

Fighting Monarch

A friend of mine from the Netherlands, who goes by Partenopea, recently sent me a video clip from a documentary made in support of Q:  The Fall of the Cabal by Janet Ossebaard.

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botticelli_birth_venus_3My friend and I both think Q Anon is a psy-op, but we can learn from it. 

false flag schoolThe Fall of the Cabal by Janet Ossebaard describes a problem, and it purports to offer a solution.  The problem is described, relatively accurately, although there is no mention of mind control or microwave harassment.  That’s a glaring omission and a classic false flag attack.  Mind control is key to the attack against us, and Q hides the ball.

Self-Observation – How To Fight Microwave Harassment

sun tzu self knowledgeHere’s a bigger problem with Q.  The solution is false.  People need to act for themselves.  It is ridiculous to think that a secret anti-cabal is working against the…

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Fighting Monarch

The Illuminati are obsessed with the pineal gland, which appears in a stylized version on the masks of the pharaohs.

Tutankhamen-mask-tomb-king-Egyptian-Museum-CairoThese vulgarians love everything Egyptian.

great sealLook at their high priest:  what a freak!

bush crowley 5Henry Kissinger negotiated a special treaty with Anwar Sadat, when he wasn’t killing millions, to bring the treasures of King Tut to New York.

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kissinger sadatThere they would stand in the Temple of Dendur to be used in strange ceremonies.

temple of dendurThey would sit next to the Eye of Cleopatra.

new york obeliskIf you’re going to be a full-blown Illuminati city, you need an obelisk.

obeliskKissinger brokered the pact at the behest of his masters:  The Rockefellers.

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rockefeller center snake book wingsThe pineal gland is important to the trash, so it is picked up in the Eye of Ra and the Eye of Horus.

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